Elise Hammer

Hello! Thank you for visiting. I am Elise Hammer. Norwegian composer, who releases contemporary classical music and solo piano tunes.

My music is to a large extent an expression of my slow and long recovery from years of serious illness. Composing has helped me a lot, and brough a lot of joy. I hope I can bring joy and presence through my music. I believe that one of the greatest effects of music is that it helps people get in contact with their emotions in a soothing and healing way.

With a rather limited education in music, I feel like I have few subconcious rules and limitation I have to follow. I try to vary my approaches to composing as much as possible. No one ever told me that I had to do things a certain way when it comes to music, something I have been truly greateful about. I feel like my mind is completely free when I compose.

My biggest musical influences is Olafur Arnalds, Peter Sandberg and Phillip Glass.

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